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OctopusCity is the only free downloadable contact manager with a synced up free online account. OctopusCity's business networking brings your address book to life. Its powerful calendar and task manager let you stay on top of your busy schedule. Save time

Business Startup Expert  v.1 7

Business Startup Expert is an all-in-one software program that provides you with small business tools and strategies so that you can start earning a living as a small business consultant.



BusinessSpace is enterprise community collaboration software built for teams, companies, and communities looking for a productive way to find and work with each other. Eliminate redundant conversations, meetings, emails, and ideas by opening doors to new

Apsense Express  v.1.5

Apsense Express is a strong client software that allows you to broadcast advertisments, articles, events, newsletters, messages and more ... straight to your network! It's a smart tool that sends your messages DIRECTLY to their computer desktops,

Perforce  v.2008.2

Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) System, provides powerful version control and workspace management with a unique branching model.

BonjourReseau  v.1.0

This is a utility to register Bonjour services on a network.

Xwepgen  v.0.8

About xwepgenxwepgen lets Mac OS X users use WEP passphrases from nearly all non-Apple 802.

PearPortVPN  v.0.2

pearPortVPN allows you to automatically establish a specific VPN connection whenever a wireless network of choice becomes available.

AddRouting  v.1.0

addRouting is a little tool that helps to manage a list of individual routings, differing from the default gateway.

JumpBox for Nagios  v.1.1.4

Nagios is an Open Source host, service and network monitoring system that will watch your network and alert you to problems before your clients or end-users do.

AirStumbler  v.1.3

Airstumbler is a wireless network discovery tool for Macintosh.

NFSManager  v.2.71

NFSManager is a small tool for easy access to the NFS features of Mac OS X.

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